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JMRCA 2008 1/8 Buggy -Hara 2x Japanese Champ

JMRCA 2008 1/8 Buggy -Hara 2x Japanese Champ

hara2xjapanesechamp JMRCA 2008 1/8 Buggy  Hara 2x Japanese Champ

Neo Buggy reports – “Today was the third and final day of the 2008 JMRCA 1/8 Buggy Nats and like the two previous days, all mains started right on time. Japanese are good at running race event smoothly. However marshalling is not like in Europe or USA. Marshalls are super slow. In the Even 20min semi final, the 4th qualifier, 14 years old Ido driving a D8, started from top spot but ruined his chance when he flamed out at the start. He never recovered. Second spot Tanaka driving a Kyosho led from the start to finish with a strong and consistent drive over 3 Mugen drivers. Another casualty was Shinomiya, the Losi driver, who got a stop-and-go for short cutting the track that put him in the back of the pack.”

Source -neobuggy.net

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