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HPI Racing Sprint 2 Flux

HPI Racing Sprint 2 Flux
~Coming Soon~

expow HPI Racing Sprint 2 Flux

Brushless Powered Electric Touring

Unleash the all-wheel-drive beast, the ready-to-run Sprint 2 Flux brushless 1/10th scale 4WD touring car is here! The Flux Brushless System takes the durable Sprint 2 platform to the next level with amazing performance from brushless motor technology. The Sprint 2 Flux is our most reliable onroad chassis – the workhorse of the HPI touring car line-up, built with indisputable HPI durability.

The Sprint 2 Flux is available in two different flavours, so you can choose your favourite era of racing:

For the pure Vintage look, you can choose the kit with the classic ’66 Ford Mustang GT bodyshell, vintage 8 spoke wheels (with 31mm wide wheels in the back) and grippy period-correct Vintage Racing muscle car tyres!

If you’re more into the ‘modern retro’ look, look closely at the kit, fitted with the awesome Ford Mustang GT-R concept bodyshell, slick Volk Racing TE37 6-spoke chrome wheels and our famous X-Pattern racing tyres!

HPI Racing Sprint 2 Flux Video click here !!!

1axt HPI Racing Sprint 2 Flux
The classic ’66 Ford Mustang GT bodyshell

1bxt HPI Racing Sprint 2 Flux
The awesome Ford Mustang GT-R concept bodyshell

chassisw HPI Racing Sprint 2 Flux
HPI Racing has a tradition of designing innovative, high quality products since 1986. From the first Sprint, released in 2002, to the new Sprint 2 Flux brushless version, we’ve improved the durability, handling, power and speed while keeping the car fun. Demonstrated non-stop at numerous public events, proving its durability and withstanding thousands of demo runs around the world. It’s been there, survived and entertained crowds while making a lasting impression – the Sprint 2 Flux is FAST, fun and durable, with numerous option parts you can bolt on, so you know you’re getting a vehicle that is supported by a company that backs its products 100%.

1at HPI Racing Sprint 2 Flux    Strong dual deck chassis is a great foundation

14t HPI Racing Sprint 2 Flux    Accepts both stick pack battery…

15t HPI Racing Sprint 2 Flux    …and saddle pack battery configurations

2at HPI Racing Sprint 2 Flux    Flux Motiv tunable brushless/brushed ESC

3at HPI Racing Sprint 2 Flux Flux Warp 5700Kv motor for super top speeds and acceleration


*Flux Warp 5700kv brushless motor provides high performance, efficiency, long motor life, reduced maintenance

*Flux Motiv ESC for smooth and efficient motor control

*Fully adjustable suspension with control over important settings like camber, caster, toe-in and more

*A belt-driven 4-wheel drive system guarantees smooth power transfer and high grip on a wide variety of paved surfaces

*Race proven suspension with oil filled shock absorbers for excellent handling

*All important chassis and suspension parts are made from high quality, high impact nylon which makes the Sprint 2 Flux extra tough!

*HPI bodyshells are made of high quality, impact resistant polycarbonate and come pre-painted, pre-cut and pre-decaled for great looks!

*Sealed front and rear gear differentials reduce the need for time-intensive diff rebuilds

*Adjustable droop for better handling, especially on high grip tracks

*Full ball bearings for a smooth, free-flowing transmission

*Ball bearing steering bellcrank for precise driving

*Gear differentials with metal outdrives for increased durability

*Gearing has been optimized for the Flux Brushless System

*Reliable TF-1 radio super narrowband AM system

*Ready-to-Run chassis built to factory specs by the assembly experts at HPI

*Add your own battery pack (with Dean’s plug), charger and AA transmitter batteries

*Easy to change bodyshells, wheels and tyres for race tuning or to suit your taste

Length: 431mm (17″)
Height: 127mm (5″)
Width: 200mm (7.9″)
Wheelbase: 254mm (10″)

Source : hpi

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whatuneed HPI Racing Sprint 2 Flux

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