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FTRC GRP Clubmans

FTRC GRP Clubmans

ftrcgrpclubmans FTRC GRP Clubmans

Mirage reports – Sunday 19th October, the Finals of the FTRC GRP Clubmans Series. This was the rescheduled date after the orignal date was rained off due to torrential rain the day and night before, leaving the rack extremely water logged. We arrived at the track on a dry sunday morning, with the morning dew being the only moisture in sight and it looked like we were set for a dry day! ( one of the very few this year!!! ). The format for the day was open practice for around an hour in the morning, then followed by three five minute rounds of timed practice and finally half hour finals across the board. During open practice i ran the GRP Conespikes, i found these provided sufficent side bite and plenty of forward traction. The track dried out extremly quickly and people were using a wide variety of the GRP range. Conespikes, Grips and Atomics appeared to be the popular choice, although i saw people using the Cross tyre aswell. Read more here.

Source : Mirage

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