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Come to join race TITC & TIMC 2009!

Date: 20-22 Feb. 2009

titc 004 Come to join race TITC & TIMC 2009!titc 005 Come to join race TITC & TIMC 2009!

You may be eager to enjoy the competition scenes of the world’s top racers and love to feel the exuberant atmosphere, but your hands may itch as you can do nothing within a few days …………. what can you do?

There is an opportunity coming……….

titc 003 Come to join race TITC & TIMC 2009!

The national tournament of Thailand will be held in February each year. By that time, the top drivers from all over the world will attend the world’s “hottest” electric R/C touring car racing game called TITC. A lot of model car manufacturers will also join the event.

titc 006 Come to join race TITC & TIMC 2009!

In 2009, the organizer will add more “fun” with the introduction of the Mini Class Project called TIMC. All drivers are welcome to bring their own cars to participate in the competition.

titc 001 Come to join race TITC & TIMC 2009!titc 002 Come to join race TITC & TIMC 2009!

Thailand weather is very pleasant. Travel, accommodation, shopping, and food are not expensive. You can find good hospitality on the faces of the people. Thailand is really a good place for leisure and fun. Be quicker and quicker …., Train up your driving skills and get ready to bring your Xpress Mini MRR2 Pro Kit, which is the champion racer in Guangdong China, Hong Kong and Macau. Join the 2009 race TIMC!

xp magazine adv 2007 12 Come to join race TITC & TIMC 2009!

Source: http://www.titc.in.th/

Chinese Version:


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