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Basic Knowledge-M03 Rally Chassis

How to modify Tamiya M03 to Rally Chassis ?

dscf0101 Basic Knowledge M03 Rally Chassis

Tamiya M-03 is a versatile fwd chassis.
It runs brilliantly on offroad if you make a few modifications.
Mini rally is easy to control and faster than you might expect.
It is lots of fun and excitement for you and your friends.

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bminirally Basic Knowledge M03 Rally Chassis

A lot of tiny cars were racing on the dirt, in the “Ringo-jam Offroad Meet”
at Madarao Nagano .
I suspect those small cars cannot run well offroad before being in that event. But soon I noticed I was wrong.
The race was fun of entertainment and the MO-3 was definately an exciting offroad racer.
So, I started my Mini Rally project soon after the event.
M-03 would show its true performance on offroad,
if you make your settings correctly
i swear you will enjoy it very much.

About the Rally-tires convert

dcp01404 Basic Knowledge M03 Rally Chassis

Source :minirally

Where to buy Tamiya M-03 ?

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