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2008 IFMAR 1/12th ISTC Electric On-Road WC (2)

2008 IFMAR 1/12th ISTC

istc2008 2008 IFMAR 1/12th ISTC Electric On Road WC (2)
The first cars are due to hit the track at 09:00 (Sunday) morning with three free practice runs of ten minutes followed by two controlled practice sessions.

istc8 2008 IFMAR 1/12th ISTC Electric On Road WC (2)

New to the 1:12 ranks, Xray are an unknown but the Slovak company doesn’t do things by half and with the likes of Teemu Leino, Paul Lemeiux and Alex Hagberg driving the new XII they could pose a threat. The team have conducted pre event testing of the prototype car at the RCS, after which it is understood a number of design changes had to be made. We will have to wait till tomorrow to get an early indication of how the newcomer stacks up.

istc9 2008 IFMAR 1/12th ISTC Electric On Road WC (2)

Despite two of the greats of 1:12 scale racing missing from the entry, the battle will be no less intensive with some of the sports biggest names out to add the 1:12 title to their CV. Defending touring car champion Andy Moore, Atsushi Hara & Marc Rheinard head a very strong Hot Bodies team. Hara, who proved himself as one of the sports great all round drivers when he lifted 1:8 Off Road World title earlier this year, has conducted hours of testing here at the RCS track, mainly focusing on finding the perfect tyre. Yesterday the team spent the day at the track gluing that ‘perfect’ tyre which many say is going to make it just a matter of whether it is Hara or Moore that takes the title come Tuesday.

istc10 2008 IFMAR 1/12th ISTC Electric On Road WC (2)

So the stage is set for the 2008 IFMAR Electric Onroad World Championship here at the Radio Control Speedway in Bangkok, Thailand where there is great anticipation for what should be two thrilling World title battles. The first title up for grabs is 1:12th which kicks off tomorrow (Sunday) with free practice. One thing for certain is no matter what the outcome there will be a brand new champion of the world as defending Champion David Spashett has not made the trip to Asia to defend his title and although five times World Champion Masami Hirosaka is here, he will not race, opting to fully focus his attention on trying to lift his first ever 1:10 Touring Car title later in the week.

istc12 2008 IFMAR 1/12th ISTC Electric On Road WC (2)

Nov 9, 2008

Free Practice-Report

istc11 2008 IFMAR 1/12th ISTC Electric On Road WC (2)

Running a new prototype speedo from Futaba, set for a release early next year, Kitazawa said his car was lacking a little on rear grip but was confident he could match the pace of Hara.
The cars have finally hit the track here in Thailand marking the start of the 2008 IFMAR World Championships and as predicted it was Atsushi Hara and his Hot Bodies that posted the fastest lap time from fellow Cyclone 12X driver Hideo Kitazawa. Hara produced a best lap time of 12.931 compared with Kitazawa’s 12.964 despite reporting his car as being a little twitchy.
1:12 scale debutants Xray had a promising first run with flying Finn Teemu Leino producing the seventh fastest lap time at the controls of the prototype XII. Leino reported the run as being OK but said on asphalt the key factor was going to be having the right tyres.
Juho Levanen pulled off a big surprise in the final free practice for the 1:12 Worlds here in Thailand when he recorded a blistering fastest lap time of 12.347 at the controls of his Associated RC12R5.

Nov 9, 2008

Control Practice- Overall Best Lap
istc13 2008 IFMAR 1/12th ISTC Electric On Road WC (2)

Teemu Leino has surprised his rivals in Thailand by recording the fastest time in controlled practice as day one of the 1:12 scale World Championships comes to a close.

istc14 2008 IFMAR 1/12th ISTC Electric On Road WC (2)

Speed Passion driver Jilles Groskamp who just missed out on 39 laps recording 38 in a time of 8:00.644.

Atsushi Hara made radical changes to his Cyclone 12X for the second controlled practice to try and make the car smoother to drive but it had the opposite effect. Although the 1:8 Off Road World Champion managed a new fastest lap for the event, setting a time of 12.136, for the final controllled practice tomorrow morning he will revert to his old set up.

Day 1 of the 2008 IFMAR Onroad World Championships has been completed here at the RCS in Bangkok and we have seen a number of surprise .

Today we have the first four of six qualifiers that will decide the starting positions for Tuesday’s finals.

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