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Xray-T2’008 & Threhout French Champion 2008

T2’008 & Threhout French Champion 2008
xray Xray T2008 & Threhout French Champion 2008
Report by Hugo Ragaut:

The last round of the French Nationals was held on September 27-28 in Rumilly.

This indoor track is one of the most beautiful in France.
Saturday morning, when we arrived at the track the temperature was around 3°C, the grip level was very low. Xray drivers were already very confident about the car because we came 2 weeks earlier for a training session. Aurélien was the fastest in qualifying. He was the only one to do 22 laps in the second and third rounds. In the fourth round of qualifying, two other drivers managed to pass 22 laps. I also had a very fast car but made some mistakes.
Sunday morning we had a bad surprise: the track was slower than the day before due to the temperature (2°C).
The qualification order didn’t change. There were 4 XRAY T2’008 in A main.

Results after 6 rounds of qualifications:

1. Threhout Aurélien T2’008
2. N’Diaye Cyril
3. Jasmin Loic
4. Pollet-Villard Walter
5. Ragaut Hugo T2’008
6. Limoges Jeremy T2’008
7. Laurent Alexandre
8. Valantin Fabien
9. Miltat Patrick T2’008
10.Jasmin Michael
During the finals we saw very close racing between all drivers. There was no room for mistakes. Aurélien won the 1st and 3rd final in the triple A-Main format. Thanks to its victory he takes the national title for the first time!

The others XRAY drivers also had a good race, with Patrick finishing 6th, Jeremy 4th and 3rd for myself.

Final results:
1. Threhout Aurélien T2’008
2. N’Diaye Cyril
3. Ragaut Hugo T2’008
4. Limoges Jeremy T2’008
5. Jasmin Loic
6. Miltat Patrick T2’008
7. Jasmin Michael
8. Pollet-Villard Walter
9. Valantin Fabien
10.Laurent Alexandre

I want to thank XRAY and R&B for their support.
Source : Team Xray

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