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TRG, ZEN & Cross F1 Body Kits Tires and Parts Restock!

rc f1 restock 015 TRG, ZEN & Cross F1 Body Kits Tires and Parts Restock!

The following items has been restocked for RC F1!!

TRG2101 – Racing slick tire set Front Hard
TRG2102 – Racing slick tire set Front Medium
TRG2201 – Racing slick tire set Rear
TRG3001 – SW-ON F1 Body
TRG5000 – BMT diffuser Carbon pattern printed
TRG5001 – BMT diffuser Clear
TRG5015 – Driver helmet
TRG5016 – Front wing Black
TRG5017 – Rear wing Black
TRG5026 – Front wing White
TRG5027 – Rear wing White
TRG5009 – 7075diff housing
TRG5011 – Rear axle hub 7075 Left
TRG5012 – Rear axle hub 7075 Right
TRG5047 – Separated T bar set
TRG5050 – Axle O ring

Where to buy TRG products?

Z5002W – 3D front wing white
Z5002B – 3D front wing black

Where to buy ZEN 3D Front Wing?

CF01LM – Le Man car kit
CF0108 – Fire Force 2008 F1 kit
CFP70 – Gr C body CLR
CPF72M – Gr C body 88CV Minolta
CPF72T – Gr C body 88CV TakaQ

Where to buy CROSS Product?

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