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RCCA Coverage of the 2008 IIC

Race report by Paul Lemieux

The 4th annual IIC was held last week at the Rivera Hotel and Casino located in the middle of the famous Las Vegas strip. There was a great feeling of history being back close to where the race started at the Stardust a few years ago. When I showed up everyone was eager to race and have a fun week in Vegas.

Mod rubber finals
I started on the pole of this one and got a jump to secure the spot with Mark and Victor staying very close. After a few laps I hit the sweeper and pushed wide, allowing Mark and Victor to pull into the lead as I battled with my teammate Alexander (who I ended up hitting…sorry Alex). Mark now had a comfortable lead on Victor with me a short distance behind Victor. With about 2 minutes to go Mark made a mistake which allowed Victor to take the lead. Time was now beginning to dwindle down and Mark made his move coming on to the straight. The move was not dirty but I am sure that it was a little stronger than Mark had intended and it caused Victor to drop to 3rd and that is how we finished: Mark, me, and Victor crossing the line in very close succession. It was a fun race to be a part of. Congratulations Mark.

Modified Rubber Sedan A-main – RCCA Coverage of the 2008 IIC

Mod rubber final results
1.Marc Rheinard
2.Paul Lemieux [TQ] XRAY T2’008
3.Viktor Wilck
4. Andy Moore
5.Alexander Hagberg XRAY T2/008
6.Mike Blackstock
7. Hupo Honigl
8.Juho Levanen
9.Rick Hohwart
10.Jilles Groskamp

 Mod foam finals

At the tone I got a good jump on second qualifier Kevin Hebert. There was a pileup in the first corner behind us which gave us both some breathing room from 3rd place. With 2 minutes down I was able to pull into a comfortable lead, so Kevin was now looking in his rear view mirror as Andy Moore was looking to capture 2nd place. But Kevin drove great. From there I cruised home with a very comfortable lead, Kevin finishing in 2nd place with Andy rounding out the Top 3.

 Modified Foam Sedan A-main – RCCA Coverage of the 2008 IIC


Mod foam final results
1.Paul Lemieux [TQ] XRAY T2’008
2.Keven Hebert
3.Andy Moore
4.Rick Hohwart
5.Juho Levanen
6. Hupo Honigl
7.Josh Cyrul
8. Viktor Wilck
9.Mike Blackstock
10. Marc Rheinard


Source by [ XRAY ]

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