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New SJM180 200 Class Heli From RC-TEK

180header New SJM180 200 Class Heli From RC TEK
New from RC-TEK Ltd. is the SJM180-C Pro 200 class helicopter. Boasting advanced features like full carbon fiber frame components and full aluminum hardware, the SJM180-C Pro will be available in several packages, from heli only to a heli/esc/motor combo. Swinging 215mm main blades and sporting a belt-driven tail, the SJM180-C Prooffers a lot of features for a meager price tag of $199 USD for a heli kit complete with SJM motor and esc. The stylish new heli also boasts the following features:
• Airframe Weight (Including FG Canopy & Main Blades): 198g
• RTF Weight: 350~400g
• Airframe Length (With Canopy): 430mm
• Airframe Width: 100mm
• Airframe Height: 170mm
• Main Blades: 215mm (Fiberglass)
• Main Blade Disk Diameter: 475mm
• Flybar Paddle Disk Diameter: 200mm
• Flybar Rod Size: 155mm x Ø1.5mm
• Tail Blades: 43mm (Polycarbonate)
• Tail Rotor Disk Diameter: 108mm
• Main Shaft Size: Ø4mm
• Tail Rotor Shaft Size: Ø3mm
• Tail Boom Diameter (External): Ø11mm
• Main Drive Gear: M0.4 96T
• Main/Tail Gear Ratio: 1:4.8
• Integrated Ball Bearings (Entire Helicopter): 27
• Canopy: Finished/Pro Painted Fiberglass
180sidecat New SJM180 200 Class Heli From RC TEK

Source: rcheliresource

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