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LRP A.I. Runner Bullet Reverse ESC

LRP A.I. Runner Bullet Reverse ESC

lrp ai runner bullet reverse esc LRP A.I. Runner Bullet Reverse ESC

“More news from LRP who have announced the new A.I. Runner Bullet Reverse, a 100% waterproof speed control that can be operated under water with full power. With LRP’s exclusive true Automatic technology, a push button setup is completely unnecessary, just plug-in the speedo and drive. The speed control immediately ‘learns’ the individual transmitter setting and is perfectly set-up for every run with the correct neutral, full speed forward and full speed reverse transmitter settings. Whatever your car’s configuration is, the LRP True Automatic adapts to it and determines your perfect configuration. The ESC also contains a Fail Safe System that continuously monitors the radio signals being sent to your RC car. If incomplete or ‘false’ signals are received as a result of low batteries or radio frequency interference, it will react instantly and shut off your model to protect it against damage.” [Source - redrc.net]

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