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Futaba Brushless Digital Servos BLS351

Futaba Servo is a famous for it’s quality.  Futaba has a wide variety of RC servos available.
Fast/ Hi-speed Servos; Hi Torque Servo, Low Profile Servo, brushless servos, digital servos & more.

Futaba Brushless Servos – BLS351. 
rcMart Price: USD$149.9
Now on discount at US$109.99 

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Speed: 0.13 sec/60° at 6.0v
Torque: 15.6kg–cm at 6.0v
Size:40 x 20 x 36.8mm
Weight: 58g
Ni-Cd use only
use the horn set screw supplied with the servo.
(Screw size:3 x 8mm) The servo can be used the only 3mm in diameter of the hole center.

futaba bls 351 001 Futaba Brushless Digital Servos BLS351 futaba bls 351 002 Futaba Brushless Digital Servos BLS351

Manufacturer: Futaba

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