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Associated Answer-RC RC8 Clutch Set

Answer-RC Associated RC8 Clutch Set
answer rc associated rc8 clutch set Associated Answer RC RC8 Clutch Set
After many months of testing we are confident that no other shoe offers the same high level of bite and low wear ratio. The shoe is lighweight reducing rotating mass helping the engine spool quicker and reducing drive train mass.

3 Sets of springs included
0.9mm Gold
1.0mm Silver
1.1mm Black

A ligher spring allowds the clutch to engange earlier with more progeression. A thicker spring allows the engine to rev higher prior to engagement of the shoe coming in with more bite and more aggression. If driving on a low grip surface it is generally considered best to run a lighter spring making the car easier to drive out the corners. Suitable for Team Associated RC8B and RC8T Clutch system. Also suitable for the Thunder Tiger EB4 S3.

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