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Speed Mind RC Universal Set-Up System

e785a7e78987 204 Speed Mind RC Universal Set Up System

img 0118 Speed Mind RC Universal Set Up System
img 0114 Speed Mind RC Universal Set Up System

For: 1/10 TC
Metal: Titanium Grey
Colour: Silver
CPS System

Thank-you very muchfor choosing the Speedmind UNIVERDSA SET UP SYSTEM. This Professional equipment is expertly designed for 1/10 Touring Cars (GP and EP) with the highest standard SGI computer system and most up-to date advanced software of mechanical simulation. All componments from this Universal Setup System are CNC-machined from high grade aircraft alloy and special tough acrylic.
This unique easy to use Speedmind Professional Setup System has been designed for directly messures camber, camber rise, toe, steering throw symmetry and caster as well! It consists of 12 sensitive and ultra-high precision ball bearings for ultra-smooth operation and precise movement. All components have precision engraving for instant reliable calibration readings. Our exclusive CPS(Caster Pointing System) was designed and developed to emable drivers to set up the caster instantly.

Assembling The Universal Setup System
The accessories of the Universal Setup System nust be assembled in order for you to use them. These stands were designed for quick and easy one screw assembly an isassembly. Please follow all below steps for assembling the Universal Setup System.

Measuring Camber
Measuring Camber Rise
Measuring Caster
Measuring And Adjusting Toe
Steering Throw Symmetry
Measuring And Adjusting Steering Throw Symmetry

How to Use?
img 0115 Speed Mind RC Universal Set Up System

img 0116 Speed Mind RC Universal Set Up System

img 0117 Speed Mind RC Universal Set Up System

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