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Stinger Clearance

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600x1 Stinger Clearance
600x1 Stinger Clearance

600x1 Stinger Clearance
Stinger clearance

Bodies on nitro-powered vehicles are trimmed to provide clearance for the stinger and to ensure that exhaust gases that come out of the pipe make they way outside the body. If you don’t leave enough room between the stinger and body, you risk damaging the tuned pipe’s stinger. The Lexan that the body is made of can actually saw its way into the aluminum of the stinger. The hole that is created can affect the tune of the stinger and weaken it. Make sure you leave at least an 1/8-inch gap around the stinger. With the hole the proper size there is no way the body will rub against the stinger on your tuned pipe.

if9m2414 Stinger Clearance
The body on this truck is a little too close to the stinger and should be trimmed to protect the stinger.
if9m2417 Stinger Clearance
This Traxxas T-Maxx has a big enough gap between the body and stinger and the stinger uses a section of silicone tube to enhance stinger protection.

600x1 Stinger Clearance
—Kevin Hetmanski, Technical editor, www.rccaraction.com

Source: www.rccaraction.com

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