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Serpent moving production to Asia

serpent Serpent moving production to Asia
Serpent continues, and stronger as before.

Serpent has decided to move all production and logistics to Asia. Serpent Distributors are supplied from Asia warehouses direct.

Product-development, marketing, sales and overall management will remain in Holland.

Due to high cost of manufactuering in Europe (Holland), the margins were getting to small to continue operation in Holland.

Certainly in todays very tough RC car market and with a weak economy and very weak USD against the euro, that does not help either.

Almost all major rc brands have their manufactuering already in Asia for long. Serpent started few years ago with the Serpent F180 chassis made by an expert manufacturer in Taiwan and lateron the Serpent S400 electric touring car.

The Serpent 720 and 960 will be made in Asia too at an expert manufactuering facility for high end competition cars. The long awaited Serpent S120 1/12 scale pan-car is ready 1st week of august to ship worldwide. Details in our web www.serpent.com. The offroad cars in 1/8 and 1/10 are still under development and testing continues.

Serpent will of course continue with our strong Serpent team.
At last weeks EC for 1/8, Serpent took TQ honours (Fantini) and put 4 cars in the Main with a nice podium finish by Cristiani.

Next big race is the Worlds in Portugal for 1/10 GP and we are certainly going for the title there.

The distribution in USA has suffered last couple of months, but we are working on solutions to improve the situation. As an intermediate solution some major competition minded rc dealers from the USA have already received goods from Serpent direct, to make the products available. A more longterm solution is in the works.

Serpent (under the trade name Ciro-RC Distribution) also operates a whole-sales distribution company for brands like Serpent, Mega, Xray, Hudy, Xceed, GRP, Speed Passion and few other brands. This whole-sale activity will be sold to another expert RC company, which will start operations soon, so that products and lines will remain available and well supported too.

Serpent has been around for over 25 years. By making above changes Serpent will be in a much stronger position on the longer run, with a more agile organisation and even higher quality products like before. We thank all Serpent fans worldwide for their continuing support !!

Serpent is ready for the next 25 years. Serpent, the race experience.

Michael Salven / Ronald Baar

Source: Serpent.com

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