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Novarossi Plus 28-7 Engine – Review

Review – Novarossi Plus 28-7 Engine

novarossi plus 28 7 engine Novarossi Plus 28 7 Engine   Review


Myrcbox.com has recently published the following review – “For the test, I installed the Novarossi Plus 28-7 in my truggy coupled to a Team Associated Factory tuned pipe and I used Trinity Monster Horsepower 30% fuel. The engine fits directly where a .21 or .28 goes. The break-in was easy, the needles valves were set rich from the factory and the engine fired as soon as fuel entered the carb. After 2 tanks, I began to slowly lean the engine. At the end of the seventh tank, the engine was running in the 220-230F range with a light blue smoke coming out of the tuned pipe. The engine is really easy to tune, if you take your time and “listen” to your engine, tuning will be really easy.”

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