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LRP LiPo 5300 Competition Car Line – 7.4V – 28C

prv prd 390x202 79862 LRP LiPo 5300 Competition Car Line   7.4V   28C

Art. no.: 79862
Specially developed for extreme power delivery and runtime. Just charge and drive. With unbelievable capacities, LRP breaks down the next barrier and is heading for new limits. Now anyone can enjoy the ease of use and performance benefits of this technology. Featured in a durable hardcase to keep the cells from being damaged during use. In addition to that it offers a transparent blue hardcase for easy check of battery conditions.

The new LRP LiPo 5300 features same measurement as 6-cell Sub C battery cell, and fits in all standard 1/10th scale onroad and offroad cars. The hard case also features some standard Sub C cell bulges to perfectly and securely fit standard Sub C pre-cutted chassis and battery holders. Race legal!

Durable and transparent hardcase for highest safety
Connector fit from both sides
Sub-C bulges for perfect fit into pre-cutted chassis
4mm gold connectors
2mm balancing connector for balancing port

Voltage Input 7.4V
C-rate 28C
Style 6-cell sub C Stickpack hard case
Dimension 137.5 x 46.5 x 23.5mm LxWxH

Source : LRP

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