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Team Magic E4 Servo Mount

July 09 TM Header Team Magic E4 Servo Mount

s03187 Team Magic E4 Servo Mount

Spec: For Team Magic E4 series & Other 1/10 Electric Touring Car
Lightweight – alum. 7075
Durability – high quality material
Smart – low center of gravity

New from Team Magic are a pair of Aluminum Servo Mounts that fit all versions of the successful E4 and many other 1:10 Scale Electric Touring Car chassis’s. These are a direct replacement for the original versions found on the E4FS, E4RS and E4JS.
The mounts are extremely lightweight and made from 7075 grade Aluminum. Being made from 7075 Aluminum, the mounts are extremely strong and durable, with no movement or flex as found with the original composite version.

TM E4 Servo Mount 001 Team Magic E4 Servo Mount

E4 Alum 7075 Servo Mount

The mounts are designed to optimize a low centre of gravity. With most 1:10 scale Electric Touring Car chassis’s, keeping a low centre of gravity is very important. Team Magic has designed a servo mount which optimizes both a low centre of gravity without compromising strength and durability.

Only utilizing a single mounting hole on each side of the steering servo allows these mounts to be used easily with different servo manufacturers, as mounting holes are sometimes different from each servo. The new Team Magic servo mounts can be used in a stand-up’ position or ‘lay-down’ position to find the best mounting position for your servo.

made in taiwan1 Team Magic E4 Servo Mount
Made In Taiwan

TM E4 footer Team Magic E4 Servo Mount

Source: Team Magic

Where to buy? http://www.rcMart.com

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