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Novarossi New Products Arrival

Novarossi New Product List

353Race.12 Novarossi (#353Race.12) 353 On Road Engine (2008)
35plus21LC/WC Novarossi (#35plus21LC/WC) 2007 Cordoba Limited
NV-52008 Novarossi (#52008) Off Road Kit
NV-52609 Novarossi (#52609) On-Road Kit Turbo Shaft
C4-S Novarossi (#C4-S) Glow Plug (5pcs)
C5-S Novarossi (#C5-S) Glow Plug (5pcs)
C6-S Novarossi (#C6-S) Glow Plug (5pcs)
NS12TS1 Novarossi (#NS12TS1) 1/10 Scale On Road Econo Engine
NS12TS1/RT Novarossi (#NS12TS1/RT) 1/10 Touring
PLUS 12-3SCT Novarossi (#Plus 12-3CT) Engine
PLUS21-5KT Novarossi (#Plus21-5T) Plus 21-5T Buggy
Plus21-7BT Novarossi (#Plus21-7BT) Plus 21-7BT Off-road Engine

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