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H.A.R.D. New Style Cap

h logo up H.A.R.D. New Style Cap
Special design - raised H

What you race at track determines how serious you are about winning. For those who want to look the part comes this stylish new cap from H.A.R.D. racing. Because we know it is equally important to be comfortable and look good at the track, as it is to be fast, H.A.R.D Racing is releasing the Racing Cap to the masses.

front H.A.R.D. New Style Cap
Cap Front

H.A.R.D. Cap

a H.A.R.D. New Style Cap
Fully Embroidered

The jet black finish is guaranteed to hide any smudge marks that are bound to occur during a tough day’s racing. Featuring an embroidered white H.A.R.D. logo on the centre front, other drivers will know you’re racing the best. Elegant green stitching shows off H.A.R.D. racing’s signature colour, while reinforcing the fabric to make this cap even more durable.

You are not going to find cheep, sew-on patches here. The Racing Cap is fully embroidered with attractive threading. In addition, a raised ‘H’ on the curved front bill adds to this unique design. The front design proudly displays the H.A.R.D Racing logo, and there is even a subtle “H” sewn onto the brim, giving the Racing Cap a style all of its own. To finish off, a classic HARD label is sewn onto the back of the cap.

Special design – raised “H”

a H.A.R.D. New Style Cap
100 % Cotton

Because it is made of 100% cotton, this Racing Cap is soft and breathes well, keeping you cool in the sun. And unlike caps made of wool, it won’t shrink or become pilled. Made from pure 100% cotton, this cap will keep your head cool when the pressure is on, so you can focus on smashing the competition.

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a H.A.R.D. New Style Cap
Adjustable Size

Taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach, our H.A.R.D. racing cap is fully adjustable, making it a comfortable fit for any user-beginners, club racers or pros.

back H.A.R.D. New Style Cap
Cap Back

Adjustable design

Since no two heads are created equal, the Racing Cap offers an adjustment strap, so it is one size fits all!

So if you only race the best, then why not show your true colours and pick up the new H.A.R.D. racing cap today. Or if you want to sport your H.A.R.D passion at the track, and keep the sun out of your eyes comfortably, you owe it to yourself to treat your head to the Racing Cap. Display your colors proudly, and let everyone know how H.A.R.D of a driver you are on the track.

logo H.A.R.D. New Style Cap
H.A.R.D. Ultimate Racing

Source: Team Magic / H.A.R.D. Racing

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