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3Racing Optional Parts New Arrival

3Racing Optional Parts New Arrival

3RAC-FAN02 Cooling Fan 25 x 25 mm
3RAC-FAN08 Protecting Pad Dust Cover For Cooling Fan 30 x 30 mm
3RAC-NLD03/OR 3mm Normal LED Light – Orange
3RAC-NLD03/RE 3mm Normal LED Light – Red
3RAC-NLD03/WI 3mm Normal LED Light – White
3RAC-WF310/LB Aluminium M3 Flat Washer 1.0mm (10 Pcs) – Light Blue
3RAD-SK03 3Racing Sticker – Olympic Style Limited Edition
AWD-07 Front Tyre set V pattern (10 Degree) – 2 Pairs For Mini-Z AWD
AWD-08 Rear Tyre set V pattern (10 Degree) – 2 Pairs For Mini-Z AWD
AWD-09/0 Rear Toe In / Out Linkage 0 Degree For Mini-Z AWD
AWD-36 PCB Cover With Heatsink For AWD
AX10-08/GR One Piece Rear Hub For AX10 Scorpion
AX10-13/GR Threaded Aluminum Pipe 6 x 101-A30 For AX10 Scorpion
AX10-24/GR Radio Tray Mount For AX10 Scorpion

CY-08A Diff. Cusion (4 Pcs) For Cyclone
CY-09/2 Aluminium Diff. Bearing Holder For Cyclone
CY-21/PU Aluminium C Hub For Cyclone
DB01-10 Derlin Spur Gear 91T For DB-01
DF03-10/LB Aluminium Steering Saver For DF-03
DF03-14 Titanium Turnbuckle Set For DF-03
DF03-20/WO Graphite Front Suspension Brace For DF-03
DF03-22/LB DF03-22/LB Aluminium Rear Gear Box Stiffener For DF-03
EZA-01/PU Aluminum Oil Damper Set For E-Zilla
EZA-01RK Rebuild Kit For #EZA-01/PU
F103GT-09A/LB Aluminum Motor Heatsink For F103GT
F103GT-17/LB Aluminium Servo Mount For F103GT
F103GT-23 Aluminium +2mm Offset 12mm Wheel Adaptor For F103GT
KZ-08/1/BU Aluminium Steering Block (1 Degree) For Mini-Z MR-02 MR-015
M18T-06/BU Aluminium Steering Block For M18T
M18T-19/BU Aluminum Oil Damper Set For M18T
MIF-047/BU Center Ball Diff. Shaft For Mini Inferno
MIF-051/FY Plastic 5 Spoke Wheel And Tyre Set For Mini Inferno – Fluorescent Yellow
MIF-051/WI Plastic 5 Spoke Wheel And Tyre Set For Mini Inferno – White
MIF-ST09/BL Tyre & Rim Set For Mini Inferno – Black
MRX4-20/TI Front Upper Suspension Mount For MRX-4
MRX4-30/TI One Piece Engine Mount For MRX-4
MST-23/LB Aluminium Center Ball Diff. Shaft For Mini LST
MZII-003 Ball Diff. Shaft For Mini-Z II
MZII-009 Steering Block For Mini-Z II
RC18-004/BU Bearing Steering Saver W/Ball Bearing For RC18T
RMII-004 Side Damper For Mini-Z II RM
SE720-02/PU Aluminium One Piece Engine Mount For 720
SE720-0818 Harden Aluminum 1st Gear 18T For 720
SE720-0821 Harden Aluminum 2nd Gear 21T For 720
ST-005/RE Chassis Ride Height Gauge 0-15 (Bevel) – Red
ST-009 Professional Tweak Station For 1/8 1/10 1/18 Car Kit
SX-04 Brake Disc For Savage X
TA05-08/V2/LB Aluminium Steering Saver – Ver. 2 For TA-05
TA05-10PB Nylon Pivot Ball For TA-05
TA05-20/V2/LB Aluminium Front Solid Axle For Tamiya TA-05
TF201C-004 Front Steering Block For F201 Chassis
TF201C-005 Rear Steering Block For F201 Chassis
TS-415/V1 Titanium Screw Set For TRF-415
TS-M03M/V1 Titanium Screw Set For M03M
TS-TA05/V1 Titanium Screw Set For TA-05
TT01-02 Diff. Outer Join For TT-01
TT01-17/WO Graphite Upper Deck For TT-01
TT01-24/WO Graphite Conversion Kit For TT-01
TT01-24A Plastic Spare Parts Set For #TT01-24/WO
V3R-007 Front Bulkhead Cover For V One RRR
V3R-020 Rear Bulkhead Cover For V One RRR
V3R-021 Brake Bracket For V One RRR
V3R-026 Radio Tray Middle Mount For V One RRR
V3R-027A SSG Graphite Battery Base Holder For V One RRR
ZX5-03/BU Aluminum Shock Tower Mount For Lazer ZX-05
ZX5-05/HD Ball Diff. Tube – Heavy Duty For Lazer ZX-05
ZX5-09/RF Aluminum Rear Front Suspension Mount For Lazer ZX-05

Where can we get all these 3Racing Optional Parts?


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