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Yeah Racing Under Stripe LED Light Kit for 1:10 Touring Car

Yeah Racing Striped LED Light Kit (LK-0013)

The above photo is only for reference (Headlight is NOT included).
It is the newest striped LED light kit ever! With a creative concept of strip design, this shinning light kit entirely covers the whole part of body shell. More important, you can freely control a variety of lighting effects! Plus, it is absolutely lightweight! Just keep your car speedy! Come on! Let’s flash the lights and spark your car right now!

3 colors Available Separately:
Red (LK-0013RD), Green (LK-0013GD), and Blue (LK-0013BU).
A solid all-lights-on mode + 10 patterns of lighting effect which are:
1. Chase mode clockwise and counter clockwise
2. Chase mode clockwise 6 times and counter clockwise 6 times
3. All flashing for 2 times
4. All flashing for 3 times
5. Front and back & left and right at the time
6. From Front to back
7. Dim from front to back
8. Front to back then dim
9. Flashing for 2 times from front to back
10. Fade in fade out
+ A demo mode which performs the above 10 patterns of lighting effect once.

LK 0013 2 Yeah Racing Under Stripe LED Light Kit for 1:10 Touring Car
1x Light Control Unit along with Power Switch
1x Battery Lead Wire along with 9V battery Connector
1x 9V Battery
2x LED Strips for left and right side (15cm)
4x LED Strips for front and rear (13cm)
16x L-shape Mounting Brackets
16x Double Side Tape (20x10mm)
2x Aluminum Fiber Tape (200x40mm)
6x Plastic Strap/Tie
1x Alcohol Prep Pad (used to clean up all dirt, wax and oil on the mounting surface)
1x User Manual
A video for reference. Here you go!

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