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Xpress Lexan Body for M-Chassis MRR2

News/ Information:
This latest body shell is an all new design with contemporary style. It comes with a colorful decal sheet that has all of the window frames, headlight and tail lights, so you can make a real car!

The unpainted mask for protective overspray film is also included which can make painting simple and fast. An optional, realistic racing wing set, is provided with this lightweight body. This body is clear and uncut, also can be painted to become any cars whatever you want! Lexan/ polycarbonate plastic with protective overspray film are designed for durability and long life.

xp body 02 Xpress Lexan Body for M Chassis MRR2

xp body 01 Xpress Lexan Body for M Chassis MRR2
xp body 03 Xpress Lexan Body for M Chassis MRR2

The above photos are only for illustration.
The body will come in CLEAR & UNCUT.


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