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Team Tekin Mini Rage 769 Hi-Performance System

Tekin Racing (#TT1102) Mini Rage 769 Hi-Performance System
Mini Rage 18th scale Brushless System
Tekin’s first brushless system is designed to bring the standards of high end 10th scale performance, speed and control to the 18th scale market. The Mini Rage comes as a stand alone ESC or a combo pack with your choice of 3 Tekin Redline:Mini motors. Including a 5.5kV Performance Motor, 6.9kV Hi-Performance Motor, or the 8.1kV eXtreme Motor!
 Team Tekin Mini Rage 769 Hi Performance System

Programmable Features:
Drag brake: 13 steps
Brake and Reverse Strength: 13 Steps
Motor Timing: 13 Steps
Brake/Reverse Response: Normal, Delay, None
Voltage Cutoff: None, 3V, 6V, 9V, 12V
7 Throttle Profiles
7 Brake Profiles

One Touch Quick-Tune Programming
Pit Tune Mode (adjust speedo without your radio on)
Fully Proportional brakes
Adjustable drag brakes
Reversible with reverse lockout
Handles up to 12 NiCd/NiMH batteries (see specs above)
2-4 cell Li-Po batteries
Low Voltage cutoff
25 amp continuous
Timing adjustment for motor
Precision motor bearings
HotWire Compatible
Socket head motor screws included
Digital Glitch Filtering

Mini Brushless Motors:
eXtreme 6.9kV


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