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Team Tekin Mini Rage 681 Extreme Brushless System

  •  Team Tekin Mini Rage 681 Extreme Brushless System
    Mini Rage 18th scale Brushless System
  • Tekin’s first brushless system is designed to bring the standards of high end 10th scale performance, speed and control to the 18th scale market. The Mini Rage comes as a stand alone ESC or a combo pack with your choice of 3 Tekin Redline:Mini motors. Including a 5.5kV Performance Motor, 6.9kV Hi-Performance Motor, or the 8.1kV eXtreme Motor! 

    Programmable Features:

  • Drag brake: 13 steps
  • Brake and Reverse Strength: 13 Steps
  • Motor Timing: 13 Steps
  • Brake/Reverse Response: Normal, Delay, None
  • Voltage Cutoff: None, 3V, 6V, 9V, 12V
  • 7 Throttle Profiles
  • 7 Brake Profiles 


  • One Touch Quick-Tune Programming
  • Pit Tune Mode (adjust speedo without your radio on)
  • Fully Proportional brakes
  • Adjustable drag brakes
  • Reversible with reverse lockout
  • Handles up to 12 NiCd/NiMH batteries (see specs above)
  • 2-4 cell Li-Po batteries
  • Low Voltage cutoff
  • 25 amp continuous
  • Timing adjustment for motor
  • Precision motor bearings
  • HotWire Compatible
  • Socket head motor screws included
  • Digital Glitch Filtering 

    Mini Brushless Motors:

  • eXtreme 8.1kVWhere to buy?

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