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Team Tekin Racing Electronic Speed Controller Fx-R Pro (#TT1093)

The FX series blasts off into a new era of brushed speed controls from Tekin! With a new, smaller footprint and using groundbreaking, flash-programmable microcontrollers with the lowest on-resistance MOSFETS ever used in a speed controller, the FX completely eliminates any power bottleneck between your battery and motor, increasing efficiency and breathing new life into your brushed motors! The FX has thousands of possible settings right on-board with Tekin’s Quick-Tune Programming and is also capable of extensive tuning and updates when used with Tekin’s HotWire PC Interface (sold separately). The FX-R and FX-R Pro are fast becoming the premier Speed Controls for rock crawling and are branded as CRAWLER SAFE. This means they can handle 3S Lipo when used with 35Turn or higher motors!
 Team Tekin Racing Electronic Speed Controller Fx R Pro (#TT1093)

Easily Access All Programming, Anywhere, Anytime
On-Board Temperature Indicator
PC Interface for Custom Programming *Tekin HotWire Required
HDAC: High Density Copper Fet Boards
Solder Posts for Easy Wire Replacement
Self Test Diagnostics and Factory Reset
Pit Tune Mode
Digital Glitch Filtering
QuickTune™ One-Touch Programming
One-Touch Radio Calibration

Program Features:
Drag Brake (11 steps)
Neutral Width (11 Steps)
Current Limiter (none, 10 steps)
Push Control- Anti Drag (11 steps)
FX, FXPro: Throttle Profiles (6 choices)
FX, FXPro: Brake Profiles (6 choices)
FX-R,FX-R Pro: Reverse Type (3 choices) Voltage Cutoffs (none, 2S, 3S, Custom)
Additional Tuning via Tekin HotWire PC Interface (sold separately)

FX-R Pro Specifications:
Controls: Forward / Brake / Reverse
ON Resistance: 0.0006 Ohm
Input Voltage: 4-9 Cells / 2S Lipo (3S with 35T or higher motor)
BEC: 6.0V / 3.0A
Motor Limit: No Motor Limit
Rev Type: 3 Choices
Rev Strength: 11 Steps
Dimensions: 1.1 x 0.80 x 0.60 ” (28 x 20 x 15.24mm)
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