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TEAM ASSOCIATED B4 Stealth Buggy (Team Kit)

TEAM ASSOCIATED B4 Stealth Buggy (Team Kit)


ta 9035 TEAM ASSOCIATED B4 Stealth Buggy (Team Kit)

9035 B4FTtop 300 TEAM ASSOCIATED B4 Stealth Buggy (Team Kit)

order now TEAM ASSOCIATED B4 Stealth Buggy (Team Kit)


Now you can get your own full-option “Factory” ride buggy complete with over $150 worth of Factory Team upgrades!

The Factory Team RC10B4 … the buggy that totally dominated the competition by Top Qualifying and won the IFMAR 2WD World Championship! … the buggy Radio Control Car Action magazine’s readers voted Reader’s Choice Electric Buggy award!

No Factory Team kit would be complete without a full array of Factory Blue components, so the B4 includes blue titanium turnbuckles, aluminum servo mounts, wheel spacers, front hinge pin brace, center-drilled front axles, screws, body clips, and a lightweight milled blue aluminum motor mounting plate.

If you’re serious about racing, get the same buggy used to sweep the current IFMAR World Championship, the ROAR 2WD Offroad National Championship, and the European Championship … Team Associated’s Factory Team B4.


  • Scale: 1:10
  • Power: Electric
  • Type: Off Road
  • Length: 366mm
  • Width: 246mm
  • Weight: 1199g
  • Wheelbase: 273mm
  • Internal Gear Ratio: 2.6:1
  • Drive: 2WD


  • Transmission: 2.60:1
  • Shocks: Threaded, Hard-Anodized, Unobtainium Shafts
  • Wheels & Tires: Pro-Line
  • Rear Axle: MIP CVDs
  • Turnbuckles: Blue Titanium
  • Bushing/Bearing: Shielded Bearings

Highlight of The B4 Stealth Buggy

9050 Trans.250 TEAM ASSOCIATED B4 Stealth Buggy (Team Kit) 9050 Slipper.250 TEAM ASSOCIATED B4 Stealth Buggy (Team Kit)

2.6:1 reduction transmission. The B4RS RTR uses the same higher torque capacity differential as in the RC10GT. Entire transmission assembly has been optimized into an ultra-compact package and is an integral part of the chassis/suspension structure.

  Double-sided slipper clutch assembly. Higher torque capacity double-sided slipper assembly. This provides a finer adjustment range and more efficient slipper operation.  
9050 RearAxle.250 TEAM ASSOCIATED B4 Stealth Buggy (Team Kit)  9050 RearView.250 TEAM ASSOCIATED B4 Stealth Buggy (Team Kit)
Longer axles. Longer dog bones and axles have been designed into the rear suspension to push the B4 RTR out to maximum legal width.   Super-low center of gravity. The motor, battery, body, wing, and even shocks have much lower mounting positions. This gives the B4RS RTR buggy a much lower CG than the B3 for higher cornering speeds and more stability for jumping and the bumpy sections.  

*Some items in the photos are not included

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Differences between the B4 and B3 Kits

Here are several reasons why you should upgrade:

* The B4′s 2.60:1 gives higher torque capacity.
* The B4′s longer rear CVD dog bones and axles push the B4 out to maximum legal width for more traction.
* All four of the B4′s suspension arms are the same length.
* The B4′s hinge pins are “captured,” eliminating E-clips.
* The B4′s angled bellcrank steering minimizes bump steer and maintains correct buggy Ackermann angles throughout the full range of suspension travel.
* The B4 accepts trailing and inline front axles for more tuning options.
* The B4′s front tires are wider. The B4′s wheels are stiffer and more responsive.

Information source: TeamAssociated


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