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Tamiya Fair 2007

Experience the Joy of Tamiya!33,000 Visitors Swarmed into Tamiya Fair 2007

▼Tamiya Fair 2007 was held from November 23rd to November 24th, and 33,000 visitors came to pack Shizuoka City’s Twin Messe convention center. This year was the 9th year in which Tamiya Fair was held, and the theme was “A Hobby Festival for All to Enjoy.” Not only were visitors able to see exciting new Tamiya products, they were also able to take part in various fun events and shop for special event-only items.
2 thmb Tamiya Fair 2007

▼Tamiya Fair was housed in both the North and South Halls of the Twin Messe Shizuoka. In the North hall, 58 drivers from all across Japan and 14 drivers from Europe, America, and Asia competed in the prestigious Tamiya World Championship R/C races on a custom-made indoor circuit. In addition, the Shizuoka Prefecture Model Club Joint Exposition showcased the masterpieces of local model builders, and visitors were also treated to displays featuring actual race cars the GT300 class WILLCOM ADVAN Vemac 408R.


▼The South Hall featured many hands-on events in conjunction with the “Fuji-no-Kuni Shizuoka Prefecture Traffic Safety Fair.” These events were tailored for many of our younger visitors, with the Mini 4WD Magnum GP 2007 attracting over 400 participants and the Junior Cup featuring 380 elementary school-aged racers. Nearby was the dramatic combat of the R/C Tank Owners’ Meeting, Dangun Racer Building Corner, Robocraft Hands-On Corner, Accessory-Making Corner, as well as the lively R/C Demonstration Corner.


▼Tamiya Fair 2007 was a tremendous success, but we have more exciting plans in store for 2008, so please come again next year!

Source: tamiya.com

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Source :  tamiya.com

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