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Team Tekin Battery Doctor Discharge Tray 8.0 (#TT1420)

Team Tekin Racing – Discharge Tray Battery Doctor 8.0 (#TT1420)

Battery Doctor 8.0 and Mini Battery Doctor: discharge and equalization trays
Batteries have recently been experiencing a revolution in terms of capacity and performance. New battery technology has fostered new theories and strategies for affecting, maintaining and improving battery performance. This is exactly why the battery doctor exists, and it was designed to realize a specific objective; to maintain cells at their highest performance without sacrificing runtime or voltage.

 Team Tekin Battery Doctor Discharge Tray 8.0 (#TT1420)
Battery Doctor 8.0 Specifications:
8 Cell Capacity
2.0 Amps Discharge Current
Dual Stage Discharge: .8V = LEDs out, 0.5V Cutoff/Cell
Non-Polarized Battery Insertion allows batteries to be installed in
any configuration!
8 Discharge Status LED Indicators
Accepts NiCd or NiMh Cells

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