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Futaba, KO, Sanwa, hi-tech Servo Comparision List

Wanna compare the different RC servos? Futaba, Sanwa, KO, hi-tech Servos
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  Output Torque Operating Speed
Futaba S135 / 0.15sec/60Deg
Futaba S3001 42oz/in 0.22sec/60Deg
Futaba S3003 44.4oz/in 0.23sec/60Deg
Futaba S3010 6.5kg/cm 0.16sec/60Deg
Futaba S3305 8.9kg/cm 0.2sec/60Deg
Futaba S5050 19.0kg/cm 0.2sec/60Deg
Futaba S9250 5.5kg/cm 0.11sec/60Deg
Futaba S9350 10.0kg/cm 0.12sec/60Deg
Futaba S9402 110oz/in 0.10sec/60Deg
Futaba S9404 79.2oz/in 0.11sec/60Deg
Futaba S9450 8.0kg/cm 0.1sec/60Deg
Futaba S9451 8.7kg/cm 0.1sec/60Deg
Futaba S9650 4.5kg/cm 0.11sec/60Deg
Hitec HS-322HD 3.7kg/cm 0.19sec/60Deg
Hitec HS-325HB 3.7kg/cm 0.15sec/60Deg
Hitec HS-475HB 5.5kg/cm 0.18sec/60Deg
Hitec HS-525MG 4.1kg/cm 0.13sec/60Deg
Hitec HS-5475HB 4.4kg/cm 0.23sec/60Deg
Hitec HS-5625MG 7.9kg/cm 0.17sec/60Deg
Hitec HS-5645MG 10.3kg/cm 0.23sec/60Deg
Hitec HS-5925MG 7.4kg/cm 0.1sec/60Deg
Hitec HS-5945MG 11kg/cm 0.16sec/60Deg
Hitec HS-60 1.1kg/cm 0.17sec/60Deg
Hitec HS-645MG 9.6kg/cm 0.2sec/60Deg
Hitec HS-81MG 3kg/cm 0.09sec/60Deg
Hitec HS-945MG 8.8kg/cm 0.16sec/60Deg
KO PROPO PDS-2144FET 13kg/cm 0.13sec/60Deg
KO PROPO PDS-2343FET 8kg/cm 0.08sec/60Deg
KO PROPO PDS-2344FET 13kg/cm 0.13sec/60Deg
KO PROPO PS-2113FET 9.5kg/cm 0.06sec/60Deg
KO PROPO PS-2173FET 8kg/cm 0.09sec/60Deg
KO PROPO PS-2174FET 12kg/cm 0.13sec/60Deg
SANWA ERG-WRX 8.1kg/cm 0.06sec/60Deg
SANWA ERG-VRX 8.0kg/cm 0.07sec/60Deg
SANWA ERG-VX 13kg/cm 0.01sec/60Deg

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