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Xpress Mini Road Runner II (MRR2 Series)

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Have you ever heard this brand XPRESS? Have you ever heard Mini Xpress? No matter you are new in RC or not, the history of Xpress can never be amended. Xpress is specialized on high performace RC touring car for racing. Catering for the fashion nowadays, Xpress launchs a face lift version MRR2 which is characterised with its multiple settings on camber, caster and toe-in. Xpress MRR2 is an unique design with its low centroid, 4WD belt drive, two ball differential transmission system. Xpress MRR2 is coming soon.

xpress mrr2 poster01 Xpress Mini Road Runner II (MRR2 Series) xpress mrr2 poster02 Xpress Mini Road Runner II (MRR2 Series)

xpress mrr2 outline ss ss Xpress Mini Road Runner II (MRR2 Series)








  • Turnbuckle camber/ caster link system
  • High efficiency 2 belt driven 4WD drive system
  • Low C.G. structure
  • 32 Tooth differential pulley
  • Damper with tunable spring strength
  • High performance ball bearing
  • 64 pitch spur delrin gear
  • Alloy motor mount
  • Drive ratio: 2.133Specifications:
    Chassis length : 283 mm
    Gross weight : 523g (Junior kit) / 515g (Pro kit)
    Width : 160 mm
    Wheel base : 203-210 mm
    Motor gear ratio : 3.605 – 13.657
    Camber : Front/ Rear
    Caster : Front
    Toe-in : Front
    Roll-Bar : Front/ Rear
    Down-stop : Front/ Rear
    Option parts:
    Included only in MRR2 Pro Kit :-
    # XP07-026V2 – Woven graphite 2.0mm thick body chassis
    # XP07-008V2 – Woven graphite 2.0mm thick front damper tower
    # XP07-009V2 – Woven graphite 3.0mm thick rear damper tower
    # XP07-006V2 – Aluminum front knuckle
    # XP07-007V2 – Aluminum rear knuckle
    # XP07-102V2 – Alloy Caster connector
    # XP07-027V2 – Aluminum front/ rear bulk box
    # Front one-way transmission with Ball bearingNot included in MRR2 Pro/ Junior Kit
    # XP07-001V2 – Aluminum front A-Arm
    # XP07-002V2 – Aluminum rear A-Arm
    # XP07-044V2 – Low friction belt set
    More option parts are listed at http://www.rc-xpress.com
    Not included in MRR2 Pro/ Junior Kit
  • Body Shell
  • Radio system (transmitter and receiver)
  • Steering servo (W<20.6mm, L<38mm)
  • Electric speed controller
  • Sub-C battery (6 cells 7.2V)
  • Charger
  • Motormrr2 pro vs jun Xpress Mini Road Runner II (MRR2 Series)

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