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GRP Foam Tyre 1:10 Italy(#GVW04 ‘front’ & #GVW06 ‘Rear’)

GRP GRP Foam Tyre 1:10 Italy(#GVW04 front & #GVW06 Rear)GRP Foam Tyres are specially made for the high speed demands of nitro touring cars. This line of tires comes mounted on a new rigid wide rim. All tires are glued with cyanoacrylate to bond the rubber to the rim for worry free racing. Grouped by shore readings in all the popular hardnesses, these mounted tires are used by some of the top racers around the world. As with all GRP foam tires, performance and quality are second to none.

Italy GRP Tyre Set on Sales!

GVW04 (front) & GVW06 (Rear)

gpr gvw04r 001 GRP Foam Tyre 1:10 Italy(#GVW04 front & #GVW06 Rear)

Table below for your quick find of what GRP foam wheel you may need:-
GVW04A Front 26mm 30 deg
GVW04B Front 26mm 32 deg
GVW04C Front 26mm 35 deg
GVW04D Front 26mm 37 deg
GVW04E Front 26mm 40 deg
GVW04F Front 26mm 42 deg
GVW04G Front 26mm 45 deg
GVW04R Front 26mm 25 deg
GVW06A Rear 26mm 30 deg
GVW06B Rear 26mm 32 deg
GVW06C Rear 26mm 35 deg
GVW06D Rear 26mm 37 deg
GVW06E Rear 26mm 40 deg
GVW06F Rear 26mm 42 deg
GVW06G Rear 26mm 45 deg
GVW06R Rear 26mm 25 deg



Where to buy the GRP Tyre?

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