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Xpress (MRR2-PRO) 1:10 Mini Road Runner II – Pro Kit (Version 2.1)

 Xpress (MRR2 PRO) 1:10 Mini Road Runner II   Pro Kit (Version 2.1)News/ Information:
The major advancements of this new Pro Kit are a lower centre of gravity of the gear system and re-distribution of the weight ratio for the major chassis components to achieve a 50:50 balance ration. The body chassis is in silver dual deck woven graphite that looks very appealing. On its body chassis, it adopts a popular left and right load balancing design. If you have a Junior Kit or an old version of Mini-Xpress, it could be easily upgraded to a new version that can be equipped with ABS plastic gear box plus FPR junior racer body chassis and a combination of aluminum gear box and woven graphite body chassis to a professional version of Xpress Pro Kit.

What’s the difference between Old and New verison?
The main difference between Xpress Junior and Pro Kit is the material of body chassis. New version of Mini-Xpress body chassis appears quadrangle, weight distribution is more balance, and base plate is 2 mm thick and lower centre of gravity of gear system. A newly designed aluminum main gear adaptor is also installed with fixed supports on both left and right sides to prevent distortion. The motor mount is with cavity that enables motor fixed even lower. The new version enables motor mount fixed at lower position, which enhances gear shaft height reduced by 26mm and this is even lower than other mini-racers in the market. The new version adopts dish wheel coated with red ring and wheel lock nut.
 Xpress (MRR2 PRO) 1:10 Mini Road Runner II   Pro Kit (Version 2.1)

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