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Yeah Racing AB4 Hop Ups reviews

AB4 Hop Ups reviews

AB4 Hop Ups reviews by MyRcBox.com



Last season, I really liked to race my RC10B4 and I want to race it again this season. 2WD electric buggy is one of my favourite race class even if I’m not the best buggy driver, I enjoy every moment spent with my B4. Recently I went to Yeah Racing’s web site and I have spotted some nice aluminum parts for my B4. There was almost enough parts to build a full aluminum B4 but I just wanted to add few parts to increase the durability of my buggy. And of course, I ordered everything blue !!! 

Front C-Hubs and nuckles


yeah front hub2 Yeah Racing AB4 Hop Ups reviews

Front c-hubs and knuckles take a lot of abuses in any circumstances specially when hitting something with a front wheel or when car is cart wheeling after a bad landing. To add even more strength, I paired the front c-hubs with aluminum front knuckles arm. Both parts fit nicely and they add a nice blue touch to the front end of my B4. Paired with the front c-hubs, the front knuckles will do a perfect and bullet proof match. The c-hub has many mounting holes for proper camber adjustment.





yeah front hub Yeah Racing AB4 Hop Ups reviews

As you can see, there is few bearing marks on the front axle. I tested the parts at my local mini track… Everything help well even after many hits on the walls…My B4 was a bit too big for a mini track icon smile Yeah Racing AB4 Hop Ups reviews










Score: 9 / 10

Rear knuckles

The only parts I installed on the rear end are two rear knuckles. I didn’t feel the need to add more. The rear end is less prone to damage, at least in my case. Like the stock part, there are several mounting locationsyeah rear knuckle Yeah Racing AB4 Hop Ups reviews for the upper link. Both bearings fit tight in the knuckles, I didn’t have to add extra shims.










yeah rear knuckle2 Yeah Racing AB4 Hop Ups reviews

No matter how you look at those blue shiny aluminum parts, the always look great !


Score: 9.5 / 10

Front hinge pin mount

yeah pin mount Yeah Racing AB4 Hop Ups reviewsThe front hinge pin mount is not the most noticeable part of the buggy but this is certainly one of the most critical part of the buggy. This part have to resist to all the front end’s impacts and jumps landings. This part holds the two front a-arms. By adding this part, I’m 100% sure that if something breaks, this will be an a-arm. I prefer to replace an a-arm rather the the front hinge pin mount or chassis. This is a good idea to have a plastic part (the a-arm in this case) to absorb major impacts.


Score: 9 / 10

Ball bearing steering kit

This part is the most complex part of all parts I installed on my B4 in this project. It includes the servo saver and it’s composed of several parts including bushings, dragyeah sterring kit2 Yeah Racing AB4 Hop Ups reviews links and different other parts. To assemble the steering kit I had to open my B4′s manual to make sure I build everything like the factory. Once installed, the steering kit fits perfectly. I applied a little bit of grease on the servo saver’s cams to be sure it will operate smoothly. The spring loaded servo saver works nicely and I’m sure it will absorb all abuses from bashing or racing.








yeah sterring kit Yeah Racing AB4 Hop Ups reviews


Score: 9 / 10


I choose all those parts as a preventive insurance against any breakage. No one is protected against any breakage while racing or bashing. Those parts can easily save a race day or a bashing session. I didn’t have any problem to install those parts, they are all precisely well machined. They certainly added few grams to my B4 but I don’t really care because it’s just few grams. I used light thread lock on all metal to metal screws to make sure no screw will rattle loose.

I’m not a big fan of any bling bling parts on my RC vehicles but those parts from YeahRacing added strength and durability to my RC10B4. They are way more than cosmetic, they do their job… To keep my B4 in one part from lap #1 until the end of the race…


For more information, visit www.yeahracing.comAB4-005BU Yeah Racing Alloy C-Hubs
AB4-006BU Yeah Racing Alloy front knuckles arm
AB4-007BU Yeah Racing Alloy rear knuckles
AB4-019BU Yeah Racing Alloy Front hinge pin mount
AB4-042BU Yeah Racing Alloy ball bearing steering kit

yr logo 363x65 Yeah Racing AB4 Hop Ups reviews

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Published on 14/03/2007

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