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Xpress MRR2 on Hong Kong Magazine

Hong Kong Model Car Classic Return

‘Xpress’ MRR2

1:10 M-Chassis Mini Racer

rcmodel 2007.05 mrr2 Xpress MRR2 on Hong Kong Magazine

RCmodel (HK RC magazine May 2007)
Translated by Jennifer Kwok (Dinball Limited)
All trademarks, service marks, and copyrights on the magazine cover are property of their respective owners

There are only a few manufacturers of radio control model cars in Hong Kong that can hardly get into the world class model racers market, like RCLAB and Sun Sun Model Company. Amongst all, the best and the most popular is Xpress series of Sun Sun Model Co., the only model car series and manufacturer that attained superb achievements in the world model car racing competitions and gained overwhelming successes in Japanese market as well as other worldwide markets. Xpress series include 1:10 and 1:24 touring cars. Its main characteristics are flexible and user friendly for upgrading and advancement to any car model types by interchanging parts and accessories to the racers’ desire at more affordable price than those imported.

rcmodel 2007.05 cover Xpress MRR2 on Hong Kong Magazine

RCModel Magazine (May 2007)
All trademarks, service marks, and copyrights on the magazine cover are property of their respective owners

Unexpectedly, Sun Sun shifted their business to property market and Café restaurant 3-4 years ago. Dinball Group takes over the business thereafter and revitalizes the Xpress legend and other products development. Recently, Dinball launched the newly upgraded version of Xpress 1:10 MRR2 mini racer in the market.

The new generation of 1:10 mini touring car is one of the significant racer series. The major advancement of new Xpress is lowering the centre of gravity of gear system and re-distributing the weighing ratio of components on the chassis. On its body chassis, it adopts a popular left and right load balancing design. The most weighty components of batteries and motor with electronic accessories are evenly mounted on two sides respectively which make the centroid move forward to a 50:50 ratio that well increases ground adhesion of tyres and hence improves its effectiveness and efficiency when turning. Whilst for the old model, the loading ratio of chassis was 40 at the front and 60 at the back that strengthened the groundadhesion of back tyres to prevent slip at the start but reduced the sensitivity of turning.

Another key design of new Xpress is the central placement of aluminum alloy motor. The main gear shaft height of 20mm is greatly reduced from last generation of 46mm height and this is also lower than the other brands such as TECH Racing M03 Kit and ABC 1:10 mini racers in the market. As for Xpress Pro version, the motor is intentionally placed even lower and almost parallel to the base plate of chassis. Although the speed of motor is not significantly upgraded, still keep as swift as the old version, but the torque is uplifted a lot that makes the gear ratio slightly change in order to maintain stability and avoid distortion of the gear as well as the car. Aluminum alloy main gear adapter is also a new design. Having fixed supports on both left and right sides that prevents the main gear from distortion.

The new design of Mini-Xpress MRR2 employs two identical front and rear gear boxes which are addressed with two lightweight ABS ball differential gears, connected with two durable 10 x 15mm bearings and a swing shaft transmission.

As to the front suspension system, it maintains its own design that made of dual turnbuckles. This simple structure facilitates racer to adjust camber and caster angle at the same time. Near to the front of the upper radio plate, there are 4 additional holes that further increase the degree of adjustment to the caster angle. Besides, the rear toe-in angle is defaulted to be 1 degree. Again, the toe-in angle can be further modified when upgraded with an option of graphite toe-in mount. Mini-Xpress MRR2 also upholds a distinguished direct steering system that simply links between power servo and front knuckle to minimize its tolerance and friction.

As we all know that the damper system is one of the essential features that affect performance of a car. Mini-Xpress MRR2 is equipped with a high quality oiled alloy damper. Its fine thread design allows racer to fine tune the spring strength and height of the car. The silicon inner diaphragm and o-rings are crucial to its sound performance as the former smoothes the damping action and the latter prevents from oil leaks in most severe circumstances.

Although Dinball takes over the business, the newly and improved version of Xpress still maintain and continue the flexibility and user friendly for upgrading as well as the convenience of interchanging parts and accessories, hence most of the parts and accessories are commonly used with the old version. This implies that if you have an old version of Mini Xpress, your version could be easily upgraded to a new version that can be equipped with ABS plastic gear box plus FPR junior racer body chassis and a combination of aluminum alloy gear box and woven graphite body chassis to a professional version of Xpress Pro. The retail price is valuably affordable : Xpress Junior at US$129 whereas Xpress Pro at US$189.

Return of Xpress

Mini Road Runner II

rcman 2007.05 mrr2 Xpress MRR2 on Hong Kong Magazine

RC Man (HK RC magazine May 2007)
Translated by Jennifer Kwok (Dinball Limited)

All trademarks, service marks, and copyrights on the magazine cover are property of their respective owners

Xpress had a glamorous history in radio control model car industry in Hong Kong and internationally. After taking over by Dinball Group, a newly and upgraded version of a 1:10 M-Chassis racers i.e. Xpress Junior and Xpress Pro will soon be launched in the market. These will be continued and introduced in the very near future.

rcman 2007.05 cover Xpress MRR2 on Hong Kong Magazine

RCMan Magazine (May 2007)
All trademarks, service marks, and copyrights on the magazine cover are property of their respective owners

Features :-
 Turnbuckle camber / caster link system
 High efficiency two-belt driven 4WD system
 Low C.G. structure
 Full universal swing shaft transmission
 32 tooth differential pulley
 Damper with tunable spring strength
 High performance ball bearing
 64 pitch spur delrin gear
 Alloy motor mount
 Drive ratio : 2.133

Source: http://www.rc-xpress.com/catalog/

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