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Review for DF-02 Hop-Ups made by Yeah Racing

Yeah Racing produces a line of hop-ups for the DF-02 chassis. Some of the hop-ups are similar in appearance to other manufacturers’ products, however these hop-ups for the most part bring extra adjustability to the DF-02 chassis. Both shock towers for instance have 3 possible positions for mounting the dampers. The parts can be seen on their website, and purchased at RC Mart. Below is a listing of the parts currently available:

DF001B Alloy Front Lower Arm For DF-02

DF002B Alloy Rear Lower Arm For DF-02

DF002 Alloy Rear Lower Arm For DF-02 (revised)

DF005 Alloy Bearing C-Hub For DF-02

DF006B Alloy Front Knuckle For DF-02

DF007B Alloy Rear Knuckle For DF-02

DF008 Alloy Front Shock Tower For DF-02

DF009 Alloy Rear Shock Tower For DF-02

DF011 Titan Turnbuckle Set For DF-02

DF014 Alloy Main Shaft for TT-01/DF-02

DF024F Front Alloy Body Post For DF-02

DF024R Alloy Body Post Rear For DF-02

My experience with the Yeah Racing line of hop-ups is that the shock towers are significantly better than anything else on the market for their adjustability. They are not quite as durable as parts from GPM or Square RC however. The front shock tower is easily bent in a collision. Also, the original rear lower arm (part DF002B) has a durability issue. This was rectified with the revised part DF002, kudos to Yeah Racing for responding to customer feedback. The original design had the damper connecting to the suspension arm via a long extender, which was prone to bending on large jumps. In the newer version, the extender is much shorter. The front lower arm does not suffer from this issue, since it also uses a shorter extender.

Author: bakabaka @ 2005-11-20 03:18
URL : http://xyzzy.dyn.dhs.org/df02/index.php

Source : http://xyzzy.dyn.dhs.org/df02/index.php?sid=1123&lang=en&action=artikel&cat=2&id=37&artlang=en

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