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Team Magic M1B report by David

Team Magic M1B report by David

After the weekends Neo Invitational race meeting where David used the pre production Team Magic M1-B, David said that the car responds well to slight changes in setup, he improved the cars performance by over 20seconds by the end of qualifying. David qualified 13th overall after 5 rounds with 3 best results to count (12th – 29th – 13th – 11th – 9th) David then made further changes to the car for Sundays race. David tested the car in the Semi final warm up (10mins) and found that the changes he had done made the car feel easier to drive when driven hard, but at the start of the semi final David had electrical problems which sent the car flat out into the wall and broke the car. It was impossible to fix in the 5 mins the race director gave him so David was offered to drive a friends car, which is not in the rules but after asking all the drivers in his final no one objected so David was able to race while his pit crew fixed his M1-B ready for the Main final. David finished 4th in his semi which put him 11th on the grid. They managed to get the M1-B to the start line, but little did they know that due to the heavy impact with the wall it had damaged the steering servo and cracked the fuel tank so David retired after 6 mins.

A big thanks to Mick Cragg for his help over the weekend, Chris Doughty and Bob Ryan to make sure I was able to race in the Semi final, and my pit crew Dave Duggan, Dave Blakely and Paul Smith.

(Source from neobuggy.net)

Neo Invitational 001 Team Magic M1B report by David

Neo Invitational 002 Team Magic M1B report by David

Neo Invitational 003 Team Magic M1B report by David

Neo Invitational 004 Team Magic M1B report by David

Neo Invitational 005 Team Magic M1B report by David

P.S. photos c.o. Phil Mortstedt

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