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G4S 2006 European Champion!

TeamMagic 2006Champion9 G4S 2006 European Champion!

Team Magic G4S 2006 European Champion!
Team Magic win!! Dario Balestri 2006 European Champion!!!

Happy ending for Team Magic & Novarossi in 2006 European Championship 1/10 Sedan TC.

Team Magic & Novarossi are the happy winners with 2 pilotes in top 3. All in all a chaotic European Championship due to the rain, but with a good winner!

Final Results:

1. Dario Balestri – 105 30:00.150 ( Team Magic G4S / Nova Rossi)
2. Mark Green – 105 30:06.101
3. Darren Johnson – 104 30:05.337 ( Team Magic G4S / Nova Rossi)

TeamMagic 2006Champion G4S 2006 European Champion!

Left to right: Mark, Dario & Darren.

4. Rick Vrielinck – 102 30:05.092
5. Martin Christensen – 102 30:21.885
6. Jilles Groskamp – 97 30:06.777
7. Fabio Domanin – 94 29:59.781
8. Michael Salven – 91 28:27.790
9. Gerhard Kandelhart – 90 29:56.743
10. Manuel Hubert – 72 30:27.722

Photos courtesy of TecroTEc and Team Orion

TeamMagic 2006Champion8 G4S 2006 European Champion!

Dario: I am the man to beat!!

TeamMagic 2006Champion2 G4S 2006 European Champion!

Happy Winners

TeamMagic 2006Champion3 G4S 2006 European Champion!

Darren, you are our hero. UK Champion first, now it’s Euro Championship podium finish.

TeamMagic 2006Champion4 G4S 2006 European Champion!

We are really happy to have a TM family member like you!!

TeamMagic 2006Champion5 G4S 2006 European Champion!TeamMagic 2006Champion1 G4S 2006 European Champion!

Dario’s G4S

TeamMagic 2006Champion6 G4S 2006 European Champion!TeamMagic 2006Champion7 G4S 2006 European Champion!

Thanks to all the TM family memebers there!! Without you guys, this won’t happen.

Giulio Baronti (our lovely Italy distributor)
Dario Balestri (Dario’s master & mechinc Stefano Colombini)
Erik Fagnocchi (Giuseppe Fagnocchi, Erik’s father & mechnic)

Juan-Pedro Matinez (our lovely Spain distributor)
Raul Casado
Vincente Eres
& your mechnics

UK driver
Darren Johnson (pitman Aaron Wearn)
Steve Lander (pitman Billy)

Special thanks to Novarossi, Electronic Dream, Tecrotec, CML and The Border Online Shop for supporting the drivers to go there. You are really the best partners.

Track Information:

Heemstede MACH track, host of the 1989 IFMAR Worlds for 1/8 scale cars giving Italian Lamberto Collari his very first of totally 7 World Championship titles in this class. The 2006 European Championships for 1:10 sedans was hosted on this track as well.

The Heemstede track, designed by Pieter Bervoets back in 1981, is a very technical track with cambered corners, especially the end of the straight hairpin is decisive for a super fast laptime.

The infield starts right at the end of the back straight with the S-es (also called the Micky Mouse), a series of left-right-left-right corners. Miss the first corner at the end of the straight and you will be struggling your way through the S-es. The Omega needs to be taken tight. The double left hander (Cantina corner) before the back straight needs to be taken smoothly in a nice arch in order to carry maximum speed to the back straight.

The MACH track is the home testing ground of Team Serpent, located just minutes away from this track.

Track length: 278m
Track width: 4-5m
Infield: grass
Altitude: 0m
Traction: medium
Tire wear: medium

Source: VRC
Source article from Team Magic offical page

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