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2006 AARCMCC WA ISTC State Titles

2006 AARCMCC WA ISTC State Titles (Western Australia)
2nd – 5th Mar 2006.

2006 AARCMCC WA ISTC 006 2006 AARCMCC WA ISTC State Titles2006 AARCMCC WA ISTC 013 2006 AARCMCC WA ISTC State Titles

2006 AARCMCC WA ISTC 014 2006 AARCMCC WA ISTC State Titles2006 AARCMCC WA ISTC 015 2006 AARCMCC WA ISTC State Titles

As the temperature rose to 40 degree’s C at Ryper Hobbies, racing was ahead, at the 2006 AARCMCC WA ISTC State Titles. A well-known electric-powered r/c on-road race event held once a year.

Thursday and Friday assigned to time practice, with scrutineers and officials busy with observing the tyre gluing and carrying out r/c teching ready for the event.

Saturday morning and the pit area is full of racers tuning and dialling-in their touring cars ready for the big race. Saturday was qualifying, with five qualifiers being run in each class. 540/sport tuned, Stock 27, and modified.

James Mandy, an RCMART / Yeah Racing sponsored driver set the pace, qualifying with the fastest race time of 18 laps in 5m4.027s. James took the lead of the pack in every qualifier putting his XRAY T2 through it’s paces securing him the top qualifying position and a number 1 grid start for the finals.

Sunday and it’s Finals time. Three finals for all A-main drivers and one finals for B and C class drivers. In finals Race 1 James Mandy took the hole shot off the start line into the first corner and led the pack throughout the entire race to finish with 18 laps in 5m3.622s. Over half a lap ahead of the rest of the field and over 9 seconds between him and 2nd place. Unfortunately some of the top five drivers in the race retired due to car failure, including Gavin Suckling, David Foulkes and Paul Jones, giving James an easy win.

Finals Race 2 and it’s not-so-smooth sailing for James this time with Gavin Suckling and Gareth Langdon squeezing past James as he ended up tangled in traffic. Charging ahead, Gavin and Gareth gained almost half a lap on the field before James Mandy slowly but surely caught up to the pair and battled to pass them only to finish the race well over half a lap ahead of the competition with 18 laps in 5m0.264s, 11 seconds ahead of 2nd place!

Finals Race 3 saw Gavin Suckling take a 5-second win in front of 2nd place youngster Rhys Surman. Rhys showing his fellow racers what he’s got by sticking it to Gavin throughout the race but not quite catching him in the end. Gavin finishes the state titles with a 2nd place win on the podium followed by Gareth Langdon in 3rd.

With fellow ‘modified’ team racer David Simms damaging his XRAY T2 in his 2nd finals race, James Mandy sat out the third finals race as he had already secured his win, and donated parts from his touring car so David could continue to race in the final main.

It was a great weekend of racing with some very skilful and fast paced action.


540/sport tuned: Sheridan Ball
Stock 27t: James Mandy
Modified: Joseph Hall

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