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  1. APEX Motor Checker

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Special Features:
Three modes available for the user to check the performance of the motor. The user can view the ampere draw and RPM of the motor during running the motor or as record.

The three modes are:

  • Condition Run Mode
  • Motor Run In Mode
  • AutoRun Mode

    Save and view the data of ampere draw, RPM and voltage of the motor.
    RPM will have value only when RPM sensor is added to the motor and fix the position of the Motor on top of the Motor Checker.

    Observe our safety notes.
    Please read the Instruction Manual carefully before you use this unit.


  • Case Size: 125*118*46mm
  • Weight: 460 grams
  • Input Voltage: 0.01-8.0V (0.01 per step)
  • Maximum Constant Amp.: 10A (8 turn motor) / 19A (Peak)
  • Fan Cooling: Temperature Controlled Internal Fan
  • Pulse Speed: 5 steps
  • Repeatable Break-In: 99 minutes Motor Run/Delay
  • Motor Speed Up: 5 Step Starting Speed
  • Data Recall: 12 Run Memory
  • Input reverse protect: Yes

    How to use
    First connect the input wires (the wires on the back of the Motor Checker case) to your 12V power supply (or 12V car battery), red to positive and black to negative. If the connections are correct, you should see the word "Apex Motor Checker v1.0" and then the "Menu" page of Motor Checker on the LCD.

    If you plan to check the RPM of the motor, you have to install the RPM sensor onto the end of your motor shaft by tightening up the included set screw. Then place the motor on top of the motor check and use the horizontal screw of the 3 stands to securely hold the motor in place. The end of the sensor should align with the "eye" in the aluminum case.

    Connect the output wires (at the front of the Motor Checker) to the motor, red to positive and black to negative. Now everything is ready and the next step is to select the modes from "Menu" page.

    "AutoRun" Mode:
    Simulates the variable voltage input to a motor when being run on the racetrack. Effectively breaks in y. The user can program the minimum and maximum voltages (0-8.00V), pulse speed (level 0-5), running time (1-99 minutes), the delay time (1-99 minutes) and the number of cycles (1-99).

    Values that can be set in this mode:
    "L" for Low Voltage: 0-8.00V
    "H" for High Voltage: 0-8.00V
    "PL" for Pulse Speed: Level 0-5 (0 is the fastest and 5 is the slowest)
    "T" for Running Time: 1-99 minutes
    "D" for Delay Time: 1-99 minutes
    "C" for number of Cycle: 1-99

    The usage of the buttons are the same as "Condition Run" mode.

    If you choose to record and save the motor's data (Ampere draw, RPM etc.) in the "Motor Run In" mode. You can view back these data by pressing the "NEXT"/"INC" button in this mode. The maximum number of data that can be stored is 12.

    Delete all:
    This mode can allow the user to delete all the saved record. Press "ENTER" to accept the deletion or press "MENU" to cancel the deletion.


  • Make sure that all inputs and outputs are connected correctly.
  • Avoid short circuits.
  • Avoid connecting power supply/batteries to the output wires.
  • Make sure that the input power source is protected by proper fuse.
  • Disconnect the power when not in use.
  • Do not leave the Motor Checker unattended while using.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not power on the Motor Checker when your hand is wet.
  • Wearing rubber soles shoes will eliminate any chance of electric shock caused by damaged power lines shorting with the metal casing of the charger.
  • Protect the unit from damp or moisture.
  • Do not leave the unit in direct sunshine.
  • While the Motor Checker is running, both the Motor Checker and motor may give off heat. Do not put any materials such as cloth, chemical, flammable liquid or flammable materials within 100 cm of the Motor Checker while it is running.
  • Both the Motor Checker and the motor may get very warm in use. Do not cover the fan and take care when touching them.
  • Do not operate the Motor Checker when the surrounding temperature is more than 35 degree or when Motor Checker is kept in an enclosed area with restricted airflow.
  • This product cannot be use in hospital, airport or nuclear plant.
  • Make sure the motor is securely fixed on the Motor Checker before running the motor.
  • Read and observe the information provided by the motor manufacturer.
  • In no event will Advanced Avionics Ltd. be liable for any lost revenue, indirect consequential, incidental, punitive damages or all other lost or damages. Even if AAL has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In no event will AAL liability to you, whether in tort (including negligence), or otherwise, exceed the amount paid by you to retailer or AAL for this products.

    We reserve the right to alter technical specifications.

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